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2AM Brahman Stud

Home base is the Mackenzie River property “Barwon Park” 60 kms South of Middlemount, while “Jaydena”, Capella and “Parker Creek”, Dingo are also utilised in the breeding and finishing operation.

500 Grey Brahman and 150 Red Brahman cows comprise the registered 2AM Brahman Stud herd, with generations of proven performance Lancefield bloodlines backing the genetics.

Both our Stud Brahman and commercial herds are fertility focused, with cows calving annually (no exceptions).  We have collected a large volume of data for Scrotal Size and Days to Calving which will soon furnish Group Breedplan EBV’s for those criteria, and we have raw data dam breeding history information available.

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Commercial Herd

2AM Pastoral  runs 1,200 commercial breeders that are supplying approximately 500 milk and 2 tooth steers annually into the E.U. market, which generally dress an average of 320kg.

Importantly, our home bred bulls are used extensively in the commercial herd which allows us to continually monitor all aspects of performance such as virility, fertility, weight for age, carcass quality and yield, as well as premium market suitability of progeny.